Start alkalising your diet by decreasing the amount of acidic food you intake normally and increasing the amount of high alkaline food in your regular diet. Gradually cut out animal proteins (lamb, chicken, pork, beef, fish, eggs), grains (rye, oats, millet, quinoa, wheat, barley, rice), and dairy products as much as you can.

Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, including lots of leafy greens. In fact, alkaline detoxification is based on healthy natural food and decrease of daily fat intake.

In order for the detoxification to be successful you have to follow the basic rules of a regular detoxifying process, which include drinking lots of water and green juices, avoiding alcoholic drinks, caffeine, nicotine, sugar, and preservatives.

Cancer thrives in an Acidic Environment. Do This To Make Your Body Alkaline As Quickly As Possible

  • First thing in the morning, gently warm a glass of quality water. Then squeeze the juice from half of an organic lemon into the warmed water and mix in ½ tsp of baking soda for a refreshing, alkalizing drink.
  • It is very beneficial to juice fresh green fruits and vegetables. Add some wheat grass, barley grass, kelp, cayenne, chlorella and spirulina in your green smoothie and drink this every single day.
  • Eating a vegan diet of alkaline vegetables and fruits is recommended by many health care professionals to maintain a healthy pH level.
  • Try your best to avoid all extremely acidic processed foods, fried foods and refined sugar.
  • Many health food stores sell alkaline water with a pH level of 9! It does have a flavor that takes some getting used to, but it is a great way to increase the body’s alkalinity.
  • For many reasons, I highly recommend only using natural household cleaning agents such as diluted apple cider vinegar, or recipes that utilize plant proteins and/or essential oils.
  • Use natural shampoo and conditioner, body wash or soap, toothpaste and mouthwash, lotions, facial creams and make-up that are free of the toxic loaded chemicals and synthetic additives.
  • Eat only grass-fed, organic animal products.

Examples of Alkaline Rich Foods:

Fruits with a high alkaline level

Vegetables with a high alkaline level
Collard greens
Mustard greens
Winter squash
Sweet potatoes/Yams

Nuts, Seeds, Herbs and Spices with a high alkaline level
Sea salt
Ginger root
Pumpkin seeds

Beverages with a high alkaline level
Mineral water
Ginger tea

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