There are several factors that affect the skin, how much will be granted and whether it will go.

  • Of paramount importance is how many pounds you have to lose and in which time frame.
  • Second is whether and how you exercise while you lose weight.
  • Aged

Over the years, your body produces less collagen, responsible for skin elasticity. Therefore, get rid of the loose skin over the years becomes more difficult. It is important if you lose weight fast or you gain weight. Similar processes might affect the elasticity of the skin.

How to deal with the loose skin?

The easiest option is surgery. Operations are not affordable to everyone, and involve risks of health and life. But to do a surgery you have to make sure that this is the only option.

When it comes to extreme weight loss in a short period of time, there is no alternative then the cosmetic surgery.

In other cases, however, you can act in a healthy and safe way.

  • Sometimes you may think that your skin is loose and when you touch resemble jelly. To get rid of it, contact the fitness instructor. He will guide you to the perfect program of melting those stubborn body fat.
  • Never make the mistake to go with a  diet and workout only cardio exercises, always combine with weights. So you can prevent or minimize sagging of the skin.
  • Improve the elasticity of your skin. Over the years, your body produces less collagen and need extra help. Stick to a specific diet that includes additional intake of gelatin in the form of a dietary supplement. Another option is to eat more foods rich in gelatin, such as buffalo chicken legs or tail.
  • We will also recommend increasing intake of vitamin C, which is essential for the formation of collagen in the skin. Whether you eat foods rich in vitamin C or take tablets is just a matter of choice.
  • Psychological support is also important. One thing is to be enthusiastic to lose weight, but sagging skin does not allow you to show to the world your progress and demotivate you. This happened with fitness instructor Kelly Coffey. With a few psychological tricks, however,she has managed to beat stress and regain her self-esteem.
  • Be proud of your body and what you have accomplished.
  • Do not compare with others. You are your own and you are beautiful in your own way. Be grateful for the good form, good health and do not compare  that with others.
  • Be positive
  • Replace your wardrobe. Get new clothes that meet your new body. Shopping calms the nerves and it’s not a myth.
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