What are the risks and security measures that need to know when taking the pill?

In the 60’s years the pill are a symbol of sexual freedom. Today – the most banal means of preventing unwanted pregnancy.

Experts did not cease to warn their contra indications associated with cardiovascular system. A World Health Organization published reports carcinogenic effect.

The first pill “anti-baby” two or three times greater dose of the contemporary. In 1988. Dr. Helan Grant, one of the founders of the safety product called him bitter pill, given the risks of cardiovascular and liver diseases, which it lies. However, the matter does not speak publicly.

Contraceptive pills have social importance and are closely related to women’s emancipation. Clearly, this method of birth control will not disappear because it is the most practical and secure, but it should not prevent the discussion of its good and bad sides, in which physicians should take comprehensive and categorical position.

The pill – risk for heart and blood vessels!

Birth control pills are bad for the state of the circulatory system. It has been shown, but it is often downplayed. Some data suggest a doubling of risk of heart attack and stroke, as well as complications such as phlebitis. In established cardiovascular disease intake of the pill is definitely contraindicated.

Contra indications are high blood pressure, spent liver diseases, diabetes, high cholesterol content in the blood. In overweight and serious consumption of tobacco also doctors refrain from prescribing the pill.

Risk of cancer

The use of contraceptives is associated mainly with the risk of breast cancer. For the past 30 years, the incidence of this disease increased by 130%, and are affected increasingly young age. Of course, the pill is not the only risk factor, but ignoring its impact is not going in the direction of qualitative prevention. Actually oral contraceptives act as initiator or accelerator carcinogenic process in terms of mammary glands.

After the age of 35 annual ultrasound are the best preventive measure, but they can not replace mythography, which must be done at least once every two years. Gynecological smear is an absolute necessity for early diagnosis of cervical cancer. It is practiced annually by gynecologists. Women who take oral contraceptive more than seven years, it is recommended an annual ultrasound of the liver, which is monitored for the occurrence of benign tumors in the body.

Alternatives for the pill

There are  various other contraceptives, which are not hormonal.
Among them are the condom, spiral aperture ring and others.

  • Contrary to popular opinion, the spiral – can be used not only littered women and young girls – in this case they are smaller and prescribed by a gynecologist after ultrasound of the uterus – bacteriological examination for urinary infections and gynecological smear.The spiral is placed under local anesthesia and should be replaced at most in two years. Recommended Gynecological monitoring of the insertion is enhanced, 3 year review  and further accepts iron during their monthly cycle to reduce the severity of bleeding.
  • The ring of soft plastic is impregnated with hormones. It is inserted into the vagina like a tampon, for three weeks and releases estrogen progesterone.  Sometimes, however, the ring disturbs sexual intercourse, and it is effective only after the first seven days of placement.
  • Patches are placed on the abdomen, arm or thigh, but never on the chest or near them. Of these, the skin seep two hormones progesterone and estrogen to pass then in the blood. Patches have a week-long action. They are effective as the pill, but have the same contra indications cardiovascular or liver disease.
  • Surgical ligation of the Fallopian tubes are used less frequently because it is already possible final contraception to make a non-surgical way. This is done by placing the soft implant made of nickel and polyethylene fibers that provokes tissue reaction in the pipes and they clog up within three months and forever. It is therefore necessary the woman is absolutely sure of her desire do never pregnant.(not recommended)
  • Condom – never gets old! Besides that prevents pregnancy, the condom is a barrier to sexually transmitted disease. Unexpectedly falling in love, summer adventure, well sprinkled with alcohol evening entertainment and … temptation conquered us!Nothing more practical than a condom prudently placed in the handbag weighs, does not occupy much space, relieved of worries and opens the door for pleasure.

Note: If you are allergic to latex, do not forget that there is polyurethane.

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