We use many beauty or other skin care products daily from well known brands. We do check their ingredients but you won’t believe us that these big companies actually omit the toxic or harmful elements from the list to make it sell in the market. They did it purposely for the sake of a strong sale and damage our health miserably. Here we bring some of such products which can even cause cancer in the cadaver.

These well known 12 cancer causing products contain cancer-causing ingredients:

The John and Johnson Inc. Talcum powder:

There are many harmful elements here in the talc and even create lung irritation and can cause cancer in the ovary.

The makeup range from the Gamble Inc:

It counts so many toxic substances like DDT and carcinogenic pesticides, nitrites form carcinogenic nitrosamines, BHA – carcinogenic, LANOLIN, PARABENS – contact dermatitis, and also reasons lung cancer.

Alberto VO5 conditioner

It is considered to offer natural colour to the hair by the quality of its henna. But all the elements in it are Carcinogenic, neurotoxin that causes dermatitis by contact. It counts POLYSORBATE 80 1,4-dioxane and FD&C,FORMALDEHYDE.

The famous company of Food Beef Frankfurters:

This is a namely organisation of Oscar Mayer Foods Corporation. It counts loads of carcinogenic substances in it like the BENZENE HEXACHLORIDE, neurotoxin, harmful to blood forming cells; DACHTAL, contaminated dioxin, BENZENE HEXACHLORIDE, HEXACHLOROBENZENE, ANTIBIOTICS HEPTACHLOR, LINDANE, DIELDRIN, xenoestrogen,. It also has NITRITE –which are potential cancer threat in children;

Clairol Nice n Easy products range:

It encompasses the dangerous supplement as the DIETHANOLAMINE (DEA), FRAGANCE and here are many unnamed elements of causing cancer, like the QUARTENIUM-15, which sips out formaldehyde, PROPYLENE GLYCOL, PHENYLENE-DIAMINES.

Ajax Cleanser from the well known group of Colgate:

It contains a skin irritating and eye inflammation content named CRYSTALLINESILICA.

Whole Milk juices from Lucerne or Borden group: 

It just contains RECOMBINANT BOVINE GROWTH HORMONE and IGF-1, which can conceivably trigger prostate, bosom and colon malignancy, HEPTACHLOR, poison that causes conceptive issues, neurotoxin, cancer-causing, xenoestrogen, HEXACHLOROBENZENE, poison that triggers regenerative issues, neurotoxin, cancer-causing, ANTIBIOTICS, some are cancer-causing agents or allergens; DDT, xenoestrogen, cancer-causing, DIELDRIN, cancer-causing, xenoestrogen,

Lysol Disinfectant Spray:

This particular spray from the group of Reckitt & Colman has the cancer causing elements named as the ORTHOPHENYLPHENOL.

Ortho Weed-B-Lawn wild plant Killer:

These products are totally filled up with gynogenic and carcinogenic ingredients like the SODIUM 2,4 DICHLOROPHENOXYACETATE (2,4 D) which is best to create reproductive troubles.

Zodiac Cat & Dog Flea Collar from Sandoz Agro Company:

If we have to say about this company’s product then it is not as harmful as the other mentioned above but it also counts PROPOXUR as neurotoxin.

The Reckitt & Colman Inc’s Heavy Duty Cleanser:

It has only cancer causing element named CRYSTALLINE SILICA.

And lastly to mention, the protector and Gamble Inc’s tartar lessening toothpaste can cause cancer too.

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