Incineration is the most common household accidents. It happens suddenly – while cooking, ironing or a moment of inattention, but it leaves scars and is accompanied by unpleasant pain. See how to treat burns with natural resources.

Incineration may be of varying degrees. At home can treated only those of the first degree, which show redness and wound is not large and the pain is mild and tolerable.

In second-degree burns when the skin is flushed, the pain is also stronger and has blisters, you should consult a doctor or try some natural remedies. Third degree burns should be treated in hospital.

When burned, the place must quickly cooled and skin lubricated, so do not remain permanent scarring.

The most familiar, fast and easy way to treat minor burns, such as a touch a hot vessel, is to put on the affected area under running cold water and then put an ice pack while using a moistened cotton cloth put on the place.

How to treat burns with natural resources?

Popular method of treating burns is the imposition of packs of grated raw potato – this prevent the risk of blistering. Keep grated potato on the wound for about 30 min.

When burned you can make homemade ointment with lard.

Make a salve of lard and sour milk or lard and yolk. Keep the wound open, but protect it from pollution.

For greasy skin and relieve pain burning, you can use olive oil, and even better if mixed with some herbs. Soak in olive oil with wort or yarrow for about 20 days to eliminate the scars.

Healing salve against sunburn,you can make by mixing a water bath with beeswax and oil, stirring until the mixture is uniform .

How to treat burns with natural resources?

To be ready for smaller household accidents or minor burns grow a calendula and aloe vera. So, if it happen, you can use the juice of aloe vera plant or prepare ointment featuring herb calendula, which has regenerating function. Both plants prevent blistering and scarring on the skin.

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