What are the plants and foods of folk remedies tested for weight loss?

Learn how to lose weight in a healthy and safe way!

Corn Silk 

Natural plant for safe weight loss. Corn, namely corn silk, which at the time of flowering of these plant, hanging from the fruit in the form of delicate and silky fibers, are reliably and completely harmless natural remedy for weight loss.

Tea made from corn silk

In one cup of very hot (not boiling) water, pour one teaspoon of corn silk and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. During the day, drink at least 5 cups of tea in equal intervals of a few hours. Tea made from corn silk has no harmful effect so it can be used for an extended period of time.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent tool for weight loss. In addition to being “fat melting”, affects the acceleration of metabolism which is the most important factor for preserving the slender lines. A healthy diet is not the one based on fasting, but one that enhances the combustion of calories and reduced hunger.


Celery is a plant which is said to have negative calories. What exactly does that mean? So that to digest celery need to lose more calories than it contains. It is recommended as food for weight loss because it creates a feeling of fullness with zero calories.

Pitted olives

Pitted olives is a useful food for weight loss. When you eat olives and swallow a pit, it will significantly reduce the feeling of hunger, because it needs a lot of time to digest. At the same time will reduce gastric acid secretion and create quite a pleasant feeling in the stomach. Just do not overdo it in because you can overload the stomach. Typically, one kernel per day is enough.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil successfully reduces appetite, best assuaged hunger than any other fat and the other ingredients. If you eat food prepared with this oil will have a longer feeling of satiety and you will not get hungry between meals. Therefore coconut oil is an additional, indirect food for weight loss.


Whey proteins promote weight loss because they contribute to increasing muscle mass. Besides a sense of satiety as they influence the hormone that reduces appetite.

Black cumin

Eastern nations believe that black cumin prevents obesity so it should be used with foods that are fattening (especially bread and pastries).

Honey and cinnamon

Every morning, half an hour before breakfast on an empty stomach and in the evening before bedtime, take a mixture of equal parts of honey and cinnamon that are mixed and boiled in a glass of water. This therapy does not allow the fat to form and accumulate in our body.

Green tea

The caffeine in green tea limits the absorption of fats and increases the body’s ability to burn calories ingested, which is increasingly used as an effective natural remedy for weight loss. This tea has no side effects except for people who are sensitive to caffeine.
Besides all, strictly avoid the following foods: sweets, white bread and products made from white flour, potatoes, pork, mayonnaise, flips, chips and all the snacks, carbonated and alcoholic drinks. Prefer rye bread and products from wheat flour, regularly bring high-fiber foods (carrots, peas, green beans, broccoli, oats, rye …). Regarding the use of meat like chicken, turkey, beef or sea fish, prefer it in the form of boiled or grilled.

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