Accumulation of fluoride in the human body tissues is often neglected and not considered hazardous. But the reality is that such a condition is not at all safe for your body. Fluoride development inside the human body triggers serious health issues like hormone disruption, DNA damage, thyroid and even life threatening disease like cancer.

Where fluoride is commonly found? It is usually present in the water and there are two categories of it. In the first instance, calcium fluoride is found in well water and is not considered as hazardous and dangerous when compared to phosphate mined fertilizer that can get added up into the water supplies.

Apart from hydrofluorosilicic acid present in the rat poisons, you can get hold of others as well. But as an example here sodium fluoride is used in order to differentiate other variations of toxic versions from naturally occurring calcium fluoride.

The presence of iodine is not considered safe as it can cause damage to the overall functioning of thyroid hormone and even affect the metabolism of your body. Do you know bromides are present in the breads that you buy from the market? The presence of chlorine is used in the water supplies. The fluorine or fluorides that are present here will any how obstruct the iodine in thyroid receptions irrespective of the matter whether they are natural or synthetic in nature. According to the scientific evidences, it is claimed that through urine often the iodine supplementations washes out fluorides or fluorine.

You will be surprised to know that almost one-third of the pharmaceutical drugs that are available are fluorinated. It might be sound shocking but this is the reality. The pharmaceutical make use of the fluoride in variable way in order to include less of products in the medicines and thereby increase savings. In fact, there are evidences that show with the inclusion of the molecule the impact of the drugs becomes more effective and result oriented as it gets into the blood stream easily. But you have to be ready with the side effects of the easier entry of the medicines into your system and cells. Effects like paralysis, torn ligaments and in several cases death are noticed.

Eliminate fluoride contamination completely

Use purified water- How about starting with the consumption of purified water? This is the first step that must be initiated. Thought it is challenging but this is an effective way to eliminate the instances of fluoride contamination.

Reverse osmosis process- Installing your own water purification device seems to be the perfect solution. The use of purified water can be used in several situations but it is only 80% effective. You have to make sure that the maintenance evaluation is regularly carried out and it is done within a month’s time. When proper maintenance is carried out on a monthly basis, you don’t have to invest money on the changing of the filters.

You must understand the fact that boiling the water will not eliminate the fluoride contents completely. Often it has been found that boiling causes more concentration of the molecule. The good news is that there are ways to distill the fluorinated water and it make 100% free of molecules. If you include minerals into distilled water and add more often it shows positive results and is good for our system as well. In fact, inclusion of sea salt is also beneficial. All you need to do is pour a pinch of salt in the distilled or the ROL filtered water and it will be free of fluorides.

Do you know magnesium has the potential to absorb the fluoride into the cells? This is one aspect that is ignored by the people because of its importance and other beneficial properties. Moreover, calcium is yet another mineral that can help in getting fluoride away from the bones of the body and your teeth. In fact, calcium is also known to increase the percentage of the mixture K-2 Plus vitamin D3 and it is made sure that their levels are always high.

How to eliminate fluoride?

Boron- This is one mineral that can successfully detox fluoride. Do you know by eating organic apples you can increase the level of boron? You can use a small amount of it on the distilled water without any addictive solution and make the water free from molecules. You can also get hold of the boron tablets that are often accompanied with minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Dry saunas- the stored sodium fluoride in your body tissues can be released when you undertake dry saunas and also mingle with some workout sessions since the whole procedure can be rigorous and intense side effects are evident. Hence, it is suggested that you must consume high levels of magnesium and calcium for substituting the minerals that your body lose because of sweating.

Niacin- This is one process that is not recommended for individuals suffering from any medical conditions. The routine should be practiced before undertaking dry saunas as it can be beneficial in breaking up the toxin laden lipids.

Vitamin C- the presence of Vitamin C is essential since it has the capacity to purify the water by increasing the pH level and thereby creating alkaline property. You can consume Vitamin C as pills or by adding few teaspoons of it in your juice or any other liquid you drink.

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