One of the most serious as well as the most common health issues in the United States is obesity. It is the condition of being overweight and is based on one’s BMI (Body Mass Index). By using one’s height and weight, this measure determines whether that person has a healthy weight. If the BMI is higher than 30, it means that the person is within the obese range.

From gaining weight due to a high intake of calories to gaining weight as a result of a weak metabolism or a gluten reaction – the solution of losing excess weight lies in the reason of gaining it. Not every type of gaining weight is the same and there is not only one reason for it. The majority of people have an inconsistent body weight throughout their lives – from being skinny to being overweight. However, the part of your body in which the highest amount of fat accumulates, points to the real reason for your weight gain. Scientists identify six different reasons for gaining weight and those are the following:

  1. Food Weight Gain

Overeating, especially eating high amounts of junk food will make you overweight and unhealthy. The fans of excessive consumption of junk food – foods high in sugar, salt and fats – are commonly gaining weight in the middle part of the body. To solve this problem, you should try to reduce you food and sugar intake and increase your physical activity.

  1. Anxiety Weight Gain

According to experts, certain health issues such as anxiety, stress and depression, which usually lead to overeating, can cause weight gain and fat accumulation. This type of gaining weight is characterized by accumulation of weight from the upper part of the stomach to the knee area; the buttocks and the legs can also be affected. Namely, when the body is in this condition, it stores supplies. This type is more common in women. In order to treat this type of obesity, you must learn to control your anxiety, reduce your stress, or try using certain medications and herbs commonly recommended for this issue. Reducing your caffeine intake can also be helpful.

  1. Gluten Weight Gain

Apart from the many other health issues that gluten can be the cause of, it can also lead to obesity. It is more commonly present in women and it occurs in periods of hormonal change (puberty, pregnancy, and menopause). In order to treat this type of obesity, you should strive to gain muscle mass, avoid sitting in one place for long, as well as avoid alcohol consumption and smoking.

  1. Atherogenic Weight Gain

Atherogenic obesity is characterized by accumulation of fat in the abdominal area. This type of obesity can affect other organs in the body as well as lead to breathing issues. It can get worse as a result of lifestyle habits such as insufficient sleep, low physical activities and other. People with this problem should avoid caffeine and alcohol.

  1. Weight Gain Due to Venous Problems

Venous circulation is one of the common reasons for gaining weight, which basically depends more on genetics than on lifestyle habits. It commonly occurs during the pregnancy period as well as in people with swollen legs. Genes play a major role when it comes to accumulation of fat in the stomach area. A decreased blood flow in this area can lead to slowing down of the metabolism and the consumption of alcohol makes things worse. Regular exercising is the best if not the only solution to this problem.

  1. Inactivity Weight Gain

Lack of physical activity will certainly lead to weight gain and the body that was once strong and healthy will soon gain fat and become unhealthy. People who are inactive tend to accumulate fat in the upper part of their bodies – from the hips to the face. Other reason, except for the obvious one, is the high intake of calories.

Now that you know the six most common reasons for gaining weight, you can easily determine your specific reason for weight gain and be able to appropriately address the issue. Start by cutting down on your caloric intake, exercising more often, avoiding alcohol consumption and smoking. By changing your lifestyle habits and using the information we’ve provided you with in this article, you can start treading the path to a healthier life in no time.

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