Why do mosquitoes bite ,,you” exactly?

According to one theory, the insects prefer beer lovers and obese people.

Many theories exist in why mosquitoes bite some people and not others. There is one fact that is sure – genetics and body chemistry are key points to understanding this mystery. According to statistics, 1 in every 10 people is particularly attractive to mosquitoes. Are you one of them?

Reasons Why

“Microbial signature”

It is well known that female mosquitoes are the one that mostly bite. To raise their offspring, they need the blood of mammals. Male mosquitoes feed mainly from plant food. Female mosquitoes have the ability to make good choices, and like all mothers, they want only the best for its future generation. Everyone has their own unique flavor. The source of this fragrance are over 100 trillion microbes living in our body and determine the so-called. “Microbial signature”. These organisms are an integral part of our immune system. Mosquitoes wonderful aroma sense show which one  is the best for them. They can sense it from a distance of 30 meters. Therefore even constant bathe can not remove this fragrance itself.

Blood group and health

Mosquitoes have a preference for people of blood type 0 twice more than blood type A or B. This means that your blood group is the individual “invitation” that send to the insects without even know it. If you are in good health condition, you are also preferred dinner for biting insects. They can understand if you have a disease that is detrimental to your blood.

Sport and food

Lactic acid, which is excreted more intensively by the human body when it is active (in sport) is particularly attractive to mosquitoes. Certain products, such as cheese, soy yogurt, fruit pickle in combination with physical activity increases the secretion of lactic acid. This is especially attractive for mosquitoes.

What precautions to take:

To make your self unattractive to mosquitoes is difficult and almost impossible. However, it is quite real to take some precautions:

  • Cover with clothes most of your skin;
  • Do not go out when the humidity is high, this is the time in which mosquitoes are particularly active;
  • Avoid walking around rivers and swamps that have a high concentration of such insects;
  • Use Mosquito nets on windows
  • Use protective creams and sprays against insect;
  • Apply essential oils of your skin;
  • At Home use electric machines, which repel mosquitoes
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